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About Baghban Foundation

BAGHBAN FOUNDATION is a registered non-government, non-profit voluntary organization working for the advancement of our underprivileged societies. Baghban was founded in 2011 by a group of like-minded people aiming to strengthen the development process for the poor, destitute, and remote communities of Pakistan.

It was unanimously decided that primary health care (medical centers) for mother & child and especially Hepatitis B & C prevention programs be developed and awareness programs are run under experienced medical professionals.

Our programs are led by a highly committed, dedicated, sound-minded, executive committee, social workers, and volunteers supported by qualified, skilled, and committed professionals.

Baghban Foundation grassroots, empowerment, child-focused, development agency, serving the poor without regard to religion, caste, or gender operating in Sindh. It aims to build capacity and empower families and communities around the children to offer them a wholesome life filled with hope, dignity, justice, and peace.

Our goal is to promote society in which everybody, including poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged communities, has opportunities and facilities to assist them in reaching their full potential and becoming self-reliant with justice, equity, and pride. We hope to do so by enhancing standards in both qualitative and quantitative terms so as to integrate the marginalized and vulnerable populations and help them to participate in mainstream society.

Baghban Foundation is working to increase education, employment, income generation and empowerment for the eridacation of child and bonded labor by mainstreaming deprived children into regular schools.

We also work for the empowerment of women through the creation of micro- enterprises and by promoting income-generating activities and jobs for growth.


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