NGO is a non-profit organization that solely works to help citizens after a disaster has struck. They
operate without any assistance from the government, and they help people of their own accord. There
are many NGOs, but in Pakistan, a particular NGO is registered as a non-government, non-profit, and
voluntary organization known as the Baghban Foundation. It was created by like-minded social workers
and volunteers who wholeheartedly supported this project, and qualified and committed professionals
endorsed it. This NGO aims to help facilitate people regardless of their religion or caste. They do this by
providing them with shelter, food, clean water, and clothes. They give the people who are in dire
circumstances opportunities so they can become self-reliant. They work to empower women by
promoting jobs and activities that can generate income for them.
The Visions of an NGO:
The goal of an NGO is to help uneducated people who need medical assistance and are unprivileged.
They want to educate these people, give them medical aid, and help them stand independently. They
also raise awareness about these situations to acquire funding from like-minded people who want to
help people experiencing poverty. NGOs are also always looking for volunteers to help people staying at
shelters after losing their homes, serving food, and distributing blankets.
Who NGO Provides Assistance to & How They Do It?
NGOs mainly help poor citizens, people recently caught in a disaster such as a flash flood or tornado,
and people who are disabled. Similarly Baghbaan Foundation provide free services, such as free
education for the uneducated, free medical assistance for people seeking medical attention but have yet
to secure enough funds, and shelter for people who lost their homes due to disasters such as a tornado
or flash floods. NGOs also try to raise awareness of the people who were stricken by catastrophe so they
can find more donors to fund their project of helping people by reaching out to media companies so
they can do coverage of their stories.
Working Areas of NGOs: Baghbaan Foundation
If a company wishes to boost its image to have other companies collaborate with it, it could launch an
NGO as it could get good publicity and do good deeds. NGOs will typically be in the same work
environment as the organization that launched them. For instance, if a hospital launches an NGO, then
the NGO would serve the people in dire circumstances that need medical assistance. Many NGOs may
focus on providing financial aid, advocating for people in need, campaigning to raise awareness of
people in need, or researching allows them to showcase their cause and why they wish to help people.
They can acquire funds to help damaged or broken-down areas improve and have transparent water
sources by raising awareness. Baghbaan Foundation is also performs fundraisers to raise funds to help
people in need. Baghbaan Foundation may also work on researching to advocate for various individuals
or groups. For instance, there was a case in which Amnesty International, an international human rights
organization, communicated with policymakers in the US on problems related to Human Rights
Defenders and violations of international law. Advocacy has taken many forms over the years, from
defending someone in a courtroom to protecting the human rights of citizens. The non-profits fund
these advocacies to show they are willing to pursue their vision and achieve their goals. Many NGOs do

all these activities to acquire funds for helping people in need and supporting their causes to make the
world a better place to live. They offer food, shelter, and medical assistance to needy people. Even a
much localized NGO can help people improve their lives and support those it serves. Further to help
achieve their objectives and programs. Baghbaan Foundation campaign to raise awareness and spread
the word about their goals on how they wish to help people in need. To raise awareness, they
participate in social media campaigns showcasing their efforts & achievements, contact media
companies on coverage of their company, or participate in protests.
The Objectives of an NGO:
There are many objectives of an NGO. They are crucial in raising awareness about this world’s helpless
people and addressing our society’s issues. As these organizations are separate from the government,
acquiring funding is challenging. So, they depend on finding like-minded people willing to donate their
money to uplift underprivileged communities and help those living there by providing shelter, clean
water, clothes, and food. NGOs wish to find volunteers willing to work for free to help these people; the
volunteers can be from any background. However, there are guidelines that the volunteers must follow,
which ensures that their team is committed to helping people in need. Some NGOs help empower
females; they fight against gender-based discrimination and fight against these kinds of practices. They
try to close the gap between females and males so they can achieve equality for everyone and address
issues about the employment of females. NGOs also improve the government of the location of their
work by showing the government that quite a handful of people require help. The government may also
find these NGOs and help better the place where they are by listening to them on how they can make
the area better.