When Pakistan gained its independence in 1947, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) were essential
in helping to form the nation’s new leadership, primarily focusing on reconstruction and necessary
amenities. More girls than boys are not attending school in Pakistan, making it among the countries with
the most excellent rates of youth who don’t attend school. NGOs actively participate in assisting the
schooling sector. One is the Baghbaan Foundation, which aims to deliver everyone high-quality,
marketable educational opportunities. They do this by constructing schools, recruiting staff, and
implementing the curricula of the most significant private institutions in urban and rural locations.
Although the Baghbaan Foundation’s methods are simple to duplicate or scale upwards, effective
relationships with the public and commercial sectors have proved essential to its accomplishment.
These partnerships are crucial for ensuring continuity in policy, fostering sharing of the costs or
successful resource pooling, and enhancing public responsibility.
Baghbaan strives to establish solid relationships with complementary organizations to exchange details,
collaborate on campaigns and events encouraging collaboration, and raise rural populations’
understanding of its effects through efficient and cooperative efforts. It supports every person’s
inherent worth and standards and the value and price of every human life. The potential of humanity to
increase human resilience and community involvement in the development process blooms in
Baghbaan. Training and equipping workers to develop the economic and social realm of national life is
deemed vital by Baghbaan. The dedicated staff at Baghbaan is highly determined to meet and embrace
all the difficulties now and in the years to come.
Baghbaan for People with intelligence
They generally concentrate on locating and collaborating with talented youngsters from low-income
homes. Their goal is to support these academically gifted kids till they accomplish their secondary
schooling and receive assistance to discover a profession that suits them.
They are working with the understanding that bright children may be found in all social classes and that
individuals from low-income households have less access to resources and prospects for success due to
inadequate educational possibilities and an absence of financial backing. Therefore, these deserving
youngsters from low-income families are given total scholarship funding to continue their studies
through graduation before entering the workforce.
Baghbaan upholds the worth and value of every person on earth and its citizens’ inherent and
fundamental principles. The capacity of the populace to increase human resiliency flourishes. Baghbaan
adheres to humanistic and charitable values that motivate people to help others and give back to their
communities. The forward-thinking teachers of Baghbaan not only recognize the truth of the universe as
it is but also imagine it as it might be, upholding its original attitude and dedication and maintaining
Baghbaan supports the worth and value of every person alive as well as the primary and essential
principles of its citizens.
Baghbaan’s principles

These are standards for our behaviours and actions as we pursue our mission. Reliability – We will aim
for success via review and constant enhancement with those whom we represent as our primary
emphasis. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and empathetic service. Integrity: We pledge
to behave morally and honestly. Respect: We think that everyone deserves to be accorded respect and
decency. We value variety. Response: We work hard to be approachable, adaptable, and honest and to
act with an understanding of seriousness when making decisions. Responsibility: Particularly, We are
dedicated to tracking, accomplishing, and communicating results as well as to judiciously spending
donor funds. Collaboration: We are enthusiastic about fostering strong working relationships between
our employees and supporters and look for opportunities to collaborate with individuals.
Learning technology
The Baghbaan Foundation uses technology to provide poor students in rural areas with access to high-
quality and free education. Government-run institutions compensate for their lack of qualified teachers
by making knowledge accessible through distance education. Children can engage with educator
volunteers worldwide in real-time, interactive classrooms in this way. Additionally, it imparts computer
and analytical skills to pupils from under-resourced schools.
These efforts go quite a distance toward fostering the dreams of the marginalized youth because the
majority of learners in disadvantaged neighbourhoods reside in far-removed and distant regions of the
nation and cannot acquire the expertise and skills that will enable them to participate in the
manufacturing sector in the employment market of the future.
An Overview
Baghbaan is dedicated to providing excellent educational opportunities, especially to talented kids from
underprivileged families. Thanks to their sponsorship program, these kids are guaranteed to finish their
studies while landing suitable job opportunities. Collaborations between the governmental and private
sectors strengthen their initiatives and ensure continuity. Additionally, Baghbaan uses innovation to link
students with international educators and give them essential technological abilities, bridging barriers to
learning in remote locations. Baghbaan reflects the empowerment attitude, working for a time when
everyone in the family achieves all they can.