NGO’s and Their Goals

An NGO:NGO is a non-profit organization that solely works to help citizens after a disaster has struck. Theyoperate without any assistance from the government, and they help people of their own accord. Thereare many NGOs, but in Pakistan, a particular NGO is registered as a non-government, non-profit, andvoluntary organization known as the Baghban Foundation. It […]

The Goals and Effects of the Baghbaan Foundation’s Initiative, “Empowering the Next Generation”

When Pakistan gained its independence in 1947, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) were essentialin helping to form the nation’s new leadership, primarily focusing on reconstruction and necessaryamenities. More girls than boys are not attending school in Pakistan, making it among the countries withthe most excellent rates of youth who don’t attend school. NGOs actively participate in assisting […]

NGO (Non-Governmental Organization): Baghbaan Foundation

An organization that operates without the guidance of government agencies is known as a non-governmental organization (NGO). Typically, it is charitable organizations. NGOs, also known as groupsrepresenting civil society, are created locally, nationally, and internationally to further societal orgovernmental objectives like humanitarian assistance or safeguarding the environment.The non-distribution limitation applies to nonprofits, which implies that […]

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